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~ Almost ANY cosplay or modeling photo in my Instagram Gallery is available for sale as a Hi-Res Digital Download or Print!  There are WAY more than we can put up on this website or Etsy.  Just follow me on Instagram @MJ_and_Spidey, browse my Gallery, and follow the instructions below.  Or, if you get stuck, you can DM or email me (The.Amazing.MaryJane@gmail.com) 😊 Pricing is the same as for other Prints and Digital Images available on this website... 💋

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~ See me as Rachael from 'Blade Runner' in the music video for 'When You Grow Up Your Hear Dies' - a phenomenal song by our favorite synthwave band, GUNSHIP! You can see it here:  https://mjandspidey.fans/Gunship


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"Face it Tiger! You just hit the Jackpot!"

Hey there! This is the one and only MJ! ;) I'm a super-geeky cosplay, comic book, sci-fi, gaming fangirl! You might have met me and my other half – Spidey! – online or at a con. We cosplay as fans and guests at comic and sci-fi related events across the U.S. - and have started going overseas as well! You'll usually find me showing my spider-love as Mary Jane Watson or dressed in one of my many Spider costumes - but, sometimes I'll suit up as Black Cat, Black Widow, Phoenix, and other Marvel girls. And, I love transforming into favorite sci-fi characters like Rachael from Blade Runner, Quorra from TRON Legacy, Princess Leia and Han Solo. I have a lot more ideas for costumes and characters, so I hope you'll stick around! :)

First, I'd just like to say, you don't have to spend money to see what I'm doing - you can always see free content from me on Instagram at @MJ_and_Spidey ❤ Follow me there on my web-swinging adventures, with plenty of cosplay and con photos of me taken by my favorite web-head and my personal photographer–Spidey! Plus, you can come meet us at a local convention, if we happen to be there :)

But – if you would like to buy an autographed print or digital image, this is one of the places to come to!

Thanks so much for visiting! And, thanks for the love and support too! Excelsior, and lots of Spider-Love to you!

- MJ ❤

Instagram: @MJ_and_Spidey

Facebook: @MJandSpidey

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