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~ Almost ANY cosplay or modeling photo in my Instagram Gallery is available for sale as a Hi-Res Print or Digital Download.  There are WAY more than we can put up on this website or Etsy.  Just follow me on Instagram @MJ_and_Spidey, browse my Gallery, and follow the instructions below.  Or, if you get stuck, you can DM or email me (The.Amazing.MaryJane@gmail.com) 😊 Pricing is the same as for other Prints and Digital Images available on this website... 💋

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~ See me as Rachael from 'Blade Runner' in the music video for 'When You Grow Up Your Hear Dies' - a phenomenal song by our favorite synthwave band, GUNSHIP! You can see it here:  https://cutt.ly/GunshipMJ


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"Face it Tiger! You just hit the Jackpot!"

Hey there! This is the one and only MJ! ;) I'm a super-geeky cosplay, comic book, sci-fi, gaming fangirl! You might have met me and my other half – Spidey! – online or at a con. We cosplay as fans and guests at comic and sci-fi related events across the U.S. - and have started going overseas as well! You'll usually find me showing my spider-love as Mary Jane Watson or dressed in one of my many Spider costumes - but, sometimes I'll suit up as Black Cat, Black Widow, Phoenix, and other Marvel girls. And, I love transforming into favorite sci-fi characters like Rachael from Blade Runner, Quorra from TRON Legacy, Princess Leia and Han Solo. I have a lot more ideas for costumes and characters, so I hope you'll stick around! :)

First, I'd just like to say, you don't have to spend money to see what I'm doing - you can always see free content from me on Instagram at @MJ_and_Spidey ❤ Follow me there on my web-swinging adventures, with plenty of cosplay and con photos of me taken by my favorite web-head and my personal photographer–Spidey! Plus, you can come meet us at a local convention, if we happen to be there :)

But – if you would like to buy an autographed print, digital content – or anything else I may be selling ;) – this is one of the places to come to!

Thanks so much for visiting! And, thanks for the love and support too! Excelsior, and lots of Spider-Love to you!

- MJ ❤

Instagram: @MJ_and_Spidey

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OnlyFans: @AmazingMaryJane

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